Social Media Marketing and Strategies

Posted by in Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing | October 2, 2013
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With the advent of the Social Media, it had become that websites  are also perceived as a contributor of some value for the netizens. Social media marketing is a term for all activities that enhance the popularity and interaction of your site with other sites and within the various social networks that are available that you want your small business to engage in.

Popular Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Instagram and a lot more  provide your small business an entry point to introduce and market your product for free. They are also platforms to engage and thus draw-in your potential customers.  The key to Social Media Marketing is to engage and converse the members of that particular social network. These conversations with your projected market provides your small business a projected market share, customer feedback, and free marketing.

The pundits of web strategy have coined another term for websites which are highly optimized from a social angle – Social Media Optimization. Well, SMO is the process behind a good Social media marketing strategy. This can include anything –

Bookmarking of the most compelling contents of your website
Creating viral videos for YouTube and other Video sharing websites
Submitting eye-catching photos that links to your website
Exchanging Blog links for Blog Rolls

We at BuraotDotCom understands the constantly changing nature of the worldwide web and its guidelines of acceptable content. We know that every product or service is unique and it takes completely unique approach for marketing your business on the social
media networks.

Not only we can build your website for your small business, we can also incorporate your site to accelerate links to multiple social media of your choice to market your product and business better.  By creating aggregating links on your site to these social media, you will have a catch-it-all for your projected market share. If you don’t have an existing social media accounts, we can also start one for your business and maintain it for you as well.

And that is FREE marketing for you.