Link-Building Your Website

Posted by in Internet Marketing | September 1, 2011
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Link Building is what drives your site’s page rank. And every website dreams and pursues of getting a higher number of Page Rank.Think of Link Building as a popularity contest. The more people who buys your tickets, the more popular you are, or at least the closer you get the prize.

In Link Building, the more sites who link to your site, the more popular your site is, and the higher your site’s page rank. It is a campaign that refers to all the activities performed to get ‘vote of approval’ from other sites in the web. This “vote of approval” is reflected by the presence of incoming links to a site.

In the Search Engine ranking process, the more the number of incoming links it has, the higher the popularity of a website. Which in turn means a better visibility and ranking.

The quality of links is also very important. Remember that the perceived quality of a site is through its Page Rank. So the more sites with a higher Page Rank that links to you, means better quality for your site as well.

With our experience in blogging, we have come to accumulate quite a number of friends in the blogging industry by linking to them, either on their sites or on the different social media arena.

By engaging your own projected customer base and market share in the social media, we can eventually transform them into your very own customer base.