Different Types of Websites

Posted by in Web Building, Web Design | May 28, 2014
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Website Type

Now that you have convince yourself the importance of having your own website, as we had discussed on another article Why Do I Need A Website?, you might wonder what type of website you are really aiming to have one.

Like most stuff, there is always something for everyone.  The same goes for websites.  People create their own websites for a number of reasons, and there are quite a number of website types.  Most common of course are Business websites, Personal or Professional, Blogs, or what we call e-Stores.

Personal or Professional, Blog or eShop

Whether your aspiration is to create a personal or professional website in the form of a blog or an eShop, BuraotDotCom is here to help you make you realize that with less cost.  Do you want to share personal aspects of your life? Then create a personal website, where you can post and show all the amazing moments you have experienced and will experience in the future. You can either make a personal website about yourself and your family or pets, or you can also create a blog, where you can share your thoughts and ideas about anything.

Do you want to advertise your profession or even to sell your products and services? Then create a professional website to showcase your skills and talents. If you have something to sell, create an online store or an eShop  where you can directly market products and services without your customers having to leave their homes.

Regardless of what your website’s purpose is, we provide you the opportunity to showcase them online. We structure your website the way you like it, we can customize the design for you, and we can also market it for you.

And what is even better, it’s all for dirt cheap.