Buying a Cheap Domain Name

Posted by in Domain Name Hosting, Webhosting | November 22, 2013
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Buying Domain Names

So you finally decided to set-up your very own website. And you have thought about your own cool domain name. For you to find and register the domain name that you prefer (if it is still available), you have to go through domain name registrars. These are the companies that sell domain names like, namecheap and others.

There are other Top Level Domain names extension to chose from that would be suitable for you and your new website. You can chose .com, .net, .me, .tv and a lot more. Also , prices of such domain varies.

Some companies that provide domain name registration and domain hosting services usually charge relatively high fees for a single domain name. But there are also some that provide cheaper alternatives. Just a little searching and for sure you can find something cheaper.

Remember that if you found a company where you can find domain names for cheap, they might not necessarily offer cheap web-hosting as well. You will still need a web-hosting service that would be suitable for what you need. While some might catch your eye for their cheap web-hosting offer, bear in mind that the disk usage and bandwidth would matter a big deal for your business website. Make sure there would be enough bandwidth to cover all the traffic that would be driven to your website.

Case in point: a web-hosting service I know offer only 5 GB of Disk Space and 1000 GB data transfer allowed. If your website had a lot of photos, content and videos, the disk space might not be enough. And your new website would fall short. If you have a lot of traffic, as soon as you reached the GB bandwidth, your customers wouldn’t be able to access your site.

So make sure to get a Web-Hosting Service that would give you unlimited bandwidth and data transfer and disk space usage, so you can add more features and traffic to your new website.

Now , let’s get back to the domain name that you are about to buy. So you have found a company that let’s you buy the domain name of your choice for cheap but their web-hosting services is not. You decided to buy web-hosting services somewhere else. This is very doable. But it also means you have to grant access from the domain name registrar to your web-hosting services. While webmasters doesn’t find it hard, it’s a little inconvenient. If you are the one maintaining and building your own website, this means you have to constantly monitor both your accounts. One from the domain name company and one from the web-hosting company.

Why do this, when you can have it all in one.